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Peggy Ingison - Minnesota Historical Society

I had the pleasure of working with Paul Maenner on a complex property transaction that he helped us bring to a successful conclusion.

From the outset, Paul was a critical member of the team helping develop our strategy and working with our governing board as well as an advisory team of board members. Paul quickly gained the confidence of our team for his attention to detail, his vast knowledge of the real estate industry, and his ability to add value through strategic negotiations.

Paul's expertise was very helpful as we worked through a sensitive project with complexity due to its high visibility and bankruptcy involvement. 

I would highly recommend Paul Maenner to others.

John Trautz - Trautz Properties, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Paul when I purchased a property he redeveloped in St. Paul, MN. Because I signed a purchase agreement before the project was completed, I was able to observe Paul in action. His deep knowledge of real estate and his attention to detail led to the success of the project despite a difficult economic climate and a difficult, bureaucratic city process. I’ve now owned the property three years and I continue to be pleased with the quality of work that was done. I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Amanda T. Hawn - Falcon Ridge Partners, Minneapolis

"I first met Paul when buying a retail center from him on behalf of my employer at the time. The transaction, between friends, had a number of moving parts and Paul navigated them with integrity and professionalism. During due diligence, I realized that his records were meticulous. Across the course of that deal, in the documents and in our interactions, it became clear to me that Paul was the rare creative thinker whose ability to see the big picture is complemented by a thorough attention to detail. Three years later, I consider Paul a friend and would add that, in addition to being a talented real estate developer, he is a truly kind person."

Tom Burton - President at Burton Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

"Paul's ability to focus on the details coupled with his financial acumen makes for a potent combination when executing development deals. Unlike many detail oriented people, Paul understands the art of reaching a deal and when financial analysis can get in the way of reaching a deal. I've represented companies that have leased space in Paul's development projects and have found him to be reasonable and trustworthy."

Linda Zelm - Small Business Real Estate Advisors

"Paul is a delight to have as a client. He is an excellent developer, can spot a good opportunity and is a dealmaker. While he does not leave money on the table, he is tuned in to the market and knows when a deal is fair and a win-win situation. I am looking forward to doing more business with Paul and hope that my connections will get to know him and include his company on their list for future business deals.

Confidential Client

"Paul was hired to help me make a critical decision regarding a 62,000 sq ft multi-story commercial building in the Mpls suburbs. I already was getting advice from others regarding the timing of a potential sale. He was my 'sounding board': visited the building, made very astute observations, helped me deconstruct all the numbers and projections. All of this took place within a short period of time. With his many years of experience, he was a very quick study, creative in his approach and took all perspectives into account. He was also deeply respectful of all parties concerned who had differing opinions. It was money well-spent and I would hire him again; his independence allows him to give clear advice without an agenda (priceless)."

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