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Significant challenges require
significant capability.

Maenner Properties, Inc. is a Minneapolis-based commercial real estate development and advisory firm drawn to unique and not-so-obvious opportunities. Our forte is in-fill development projects.

We excel at FINDING high-potential properties in the midst of change, CREATING development or redevelopment solutions with a high likelihood of success and EXECUTING the development plan.

​It’s the ability to successfully bridge the gap between creation and execution that distinguishes the best commercial real estate developers. And often, execution ends up being the most challenging aspect of a project.

Things happen during the development process, like an unforeseen delay in approvals, or during the construction phase, where things can simply go wrong in the field. Astutely coordinating the Conceptual so that it becomes the Actual is the key to ensuring a successful project.

Maenner Properties brings the experience, creativity and tenacity required to solve problems, overcome obstacles and rally stakeholders to achieve success.

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