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Expertise creates opportunity.

The firm’s considerable experience as a commercial real estate developer provides a powerful skill set for addressing and solving complicated real estate issues in an advisory role.

Often a fresh set of eyes can help illuminate potential new directions or opportunities. Knowledgeable counsel can make the difference between acquiescing to the status quo and finding a more profitable and enduring solution.

Maenner counsels corporations, government entities, financial advisors, individual investors and family enterprises in their real estate dealings. Engagements range from hourly consultation to project-specific exercises to longer-term asset management assignments to acquisition, development and sale activities.

Consider Maenner Properties as your advisor, if you:

  • Are a Wealth Management Advisor with clients whose real estate holdings are part of a broader wealth management picture.

  • Are a Certified Public Accountant, Estate Attorney or Insurance Advisor with clients looking to craft a succession plan for their holdings.

  • Are a corporate officer and have need for a more personalized approach from a Principal Real Estate Advisor.

  • Are a government official and have a challenging private development project, or an ambitious public initiative requiring skilled oversight to ensure municipal objectives are met.

  • Are an individual investor looking to solve current operational issues or have a development opportunity requiring additional perspective.

  • Are a bank trust officer and are unclear about the future prospects for a trust-related property asset.

  • You have a partnership issue and the potential need to monetize a partial interest.

  • Are simply stuck and need to tell your real estate story. Every engagement begins with a story and Maenner is a particularly good listener.


Years ago, Paul Maenner had the privilege of meeting Marvin Bower, the initial – and enduring – force behind the long term success of McKinsey & Company, which today is one of the world’s most highly regarded management consulting firms. Bower’s words to this young man were simple yet priceless:

“Wealth is the byproduct of superior service to others.”


Marvin Bower -

This statement conveys far more meaning than the implication of financial wealth and speaks to the high regard Bower held for McKinsey’s clients and their interests. Without question, Bower was the embodiment of this ethos. Maenner strives toward this ethic of service, duty and loyalty.

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